Throughout January 18-21st 2017, Berlin based photographer Chiara Dazi will join the marshrutka project’s network-wide meeting and will hold a photography workshop for the participants. Chiara has taken interest in and started photographing marshrutkas during her stays in Moldova and is planning to continue working on the “Marshrutkascape” project in Georgia, Tbilisi, in winter 2017 (supported by the Berlin Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs and the South Caucasus Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival) and further on in Kyrgyzstan and Russia. In January the Marshrutka project partners will be discussing further forms and formats of collaborating with Chiara. Please see the synopses of Chiara’s project and her biography below.


Synopsis: Marhsrutkascape

While defining the transport system of many post-Soviet countries, Marshrutkas (shared taxis) create new landscapes where official and unofficial stations exist beside spontaneous gatherings of people which originate at street crossings in and out of the cities.

Also, as tiny spaces where contacts and negotiations of bodies take place, the marshrutkas are themselves locations which reveal much about the cultural framework where space is organized and the human perception of it is internalized and culturally defined.

Through documentary photography I question both those inner and outer landscapes of the Marshrutkas connecting places, goods and people. Approaching different countries where the networks subsist, the project aims to visually analyse how this light and flexible transportation system keeps the societies in a constant movement and which spatial and social transformations it produces.



Chiara Dazi is an Italian photographer based in Berlin. Since she graduated from the Communications Sciences Department of the Bologna University with a Master Thesis about the German Ostalgie – Nostalgia for the East, her interest for Eastern European countries has grown, as did her passion for photography. She has worked in the archive of VU’ photo agency in Paris then eventually moved to Berlin to study photography at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie. As a documentary photographer she mostly focusses on European issues, how individuals and groups deal with borders, and the influence collective memories, past and traditions have on identities.

Currently in the Republic of Moldova photographing border-crossing sport communities.

Chiara exhibited widely around Europe, teaches photography workshops and is part of the ParisBerlin collective group and the Anzenberger Agency.




Instagram: @frau_loesung


Some Pictures of Chiara:


the cat on the roof


the cat on the roof



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