On 11 August, the Marshrutka project team took part in the authors‘ workshop for the upcoming edited volume on Post-Socialist Infrastructures to be published with Routledge in 2018. Tonio Weicker and Wladimir Sgibnev presented their chapter draft entitled “Infrastructures as fluidities. How marshrutkas help us to overcome static conceptions of road-based mobility service provision”, where they discussed the methodological and analytical implications of fluid mobilities on infrastructure research.

© Tallinn University (2017)
© Tallinn University (2017)






Following the authors’ workshop, a panel discussion took place in the Estonian Museum of Modern Art, featuring the topic of socialist legacies in infrastructure provision and everyday use, reuniting Daniela Zupan and Carola S. Neugebauer (RWTH Aachen, Germany), Deana Jovanovic (Keele University, UK and University of Belgrade, Serbia), Wladimir Sgibnev (Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Germany) and Tauri Tuvikene (Tallinn University).

Many thanks to Tauri Tuvikene and Merlin Rehema from Tallin University Centre for Landscape and Culture for organising the event, and to the Baltic-German University Liaison Office for its financial support!

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