Our PhD candidate Rustam Abdunazarov has published a short piece on the development of Tajikistan’s marshrutka system. The open-access Russian-language article which saw the light of day in the Bulletin of the Tajik National University, gives some details on the regulatory environment and the socio-economic conditions of marshrutka system development, and also provides insights on car types and trade.

Here you can download the complete journal (№3/5 (208). The article starts at page 65.


Another piece, by Wladimir Sgibnev and Tonio Weicker, gives an overview of the marshrutka business in Khujand, exploring its Soviet roots, its development in the burgeoning 1990s, the ensuing regulation attempts up to recent discussions on their abolition. Published in Zentralasien-Analysen series,it’s not an academic piece, but rather a “knowlede transfer” attempt, aiming at raising awareness of the marshrutka phenomenon in the German-language interested public.

It’s open access, too, and may be downloaded here.


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