Dear Marshrutka team,

also in 2017 there will be some interesting conferences and summer schools we would like to present you.

Maybe they match to your actual researches or interests !



The 7th International Urban Geographies of Post-communist states conference:  A view from elsewehere

This conference in Kyiv and Dnipro/Ukraine, 26th-29th September 2017, is inviting all who are interested and critical engaged in urban theories, especially in post-socialist cities, and the global market of urban thoughts.


Summer schools:

International and Interdisciplinary Spring School for young researchers: Urban Activism and Participatory Urban Planning in Central and Eastern Europe


Decolonizing Urbanism: Transformative Perspectives

The Trier University invites for a Summer University, 6th-12th June 2017, young researchers, PhD students and career professionals in geography, urban studies, ecology and sociology. The main theme of “decolonizing urbanism” will be present in Seminars, lectures and trainings.

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