After many months and efforts by our cinematographer and editor Ana Tsimintia, and support of our colleague at public relations office at IfL, Dr. Peter Wittmann, we can finally share the videos from the Marshrutka project Summer School 2 on “Eurasian Mobilities in a Global Perspective”.

You will find a short, overview video here.

Even more importantly, you can see a keynote talk by Claudio Sopranzetti, by  Wojciech Keblowski, by Matteo Rizzo, and Tauri Tuvikene. Claudio Sopranzetti’s lecture is dedicated to mobility and mobilization in the context of Bangkok, while Matheo Rizzo discusses the relation between differnent kinds of transport and post-socialism. In his lecture, Wojciech Keblowski follows the question: “why do we need critical perspectives on urban transport?” and Tauri Tuvikene problematizes the concept of post-socialism in the context of public transport.

You can also see the recording of the public roundtable discussion.

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